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‘To continually provide a service level above the expectation of our customers, and to provide a happy and prosperous environment for our Staff and Sub-Contractors’

About us

Direct Couriers operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. We provide a wide spectrum of courier and taxi truck services for local same day delivery as well as Interstate and International delivery services.

We provide an online booking and tracking system through our website booking system which offers a range of options including pre-delivery notifications and delivery confirmations by either email and/or SMS. In addition to this, our website is a valuable resource for service and account information, office locations, contact details and a range of our resources.

With our fleet of over 1250 vehicles, all have the latest GPS tracking systems for full visibility by our despatch and customer service teams as well as our customers.

Nationally today Direct Couriers employ over 250 office personnel and engage more than 1250 sub-contract drivers in a wide range of vehicles sizes around the country.


In its early years Direct Couriers ran a fleet of 20 vehicles consisting of mainly cars and hatch backs, servicing the advertising agencies, TV stations and the post production companies. The Sydney branch back then was based in the Lower North Shore as majority of the client base were close by.

With its new owners, the business changed its direction and expanded the operation to offer a Taxi Truck service as well as Interstate and International packages. Its niche to provide custom built technology and client solutions were born at this early stage. Direct Couriers needed a mode to differentiate itself from its competitors.

After the opening of the Melbourne branch, the focus again moved to even larger vehicles and into an entire different transport space. Melbourne specialised its operation into servicing the freight forwarding industry, which influenced Sydney to change its direction to more of the same.

Over the next 7 years, offices in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide were opened on the back of small acquisitions all entering into the same space as Sydney and Melbourne.

Growth in all the branches has been by organic growth and by the way of acquisitions of small to medium size transport companies. Each one giving Direct Couriers the opportunity to expand their service offering to their portfolio of National and Multi National corporates.

As the 5 branches continued to grow over the years so did their respective properties. Each branch has moved several times to allow for this expansion. Today each branch offers warehousing facilities including container unpacks and pallet storage with a raft of associated services.

Nationally today Direct Couriers employ over 250 office personnel and engage more than 1250 sub-contract drivers in a wide range of vehicles sizes around the country. We further expanded our operations into New Zealand, with our first office opening in Auckland.

In 2019, we purchased Andrews Refrigerated Transport. This new ‘cold’ division was rebranded and is now called Direct Cold. More recently we have developed our own Line haul service between Sydney and Melbourne. This new division is called Direct Road. Additionally, at the same time, we have also launched Direct Home. Our dedicated ecommerce product, providing same day store to home delivery.


Direct Couriers founded


Direct Couriers purchased by current owners


Melbourne/Brisbane branch opened


Perth branch opened


Adelaide branch opened


Auckland branch opened


Direct Cold Launched


Direct Home/Road Launched


Purchased FRF Couriers